Babsi Schett-Eagle X Frauenschuh

The most successful female tennis player in Austria visiting Kitzbühel

Imagining the tennis world without the Tyrolean tennis player Babsi Schett-Eagle is simply not possible. The friendly Austrian is still engaged in the tennis world, reporting as an expert for the European TV channel Eurosport at all major tennis tournaments around the globe. The highest-ranked Austrian female tennis player ever has been a loyal customer of Frauenschuh for many years. She paid us a visit again this year in our store in Kitzbühel while attending the Generali Open Tennis tournament. 

Besides having interesting conversations with Kaspar Frauenschuh, Resi Frauenschuh und Robin Wöll, Babsi of course also took a look at our latest collection. “For me, Frauenschuh is the epitome of an Austrian family business with premium quality and modern elegance being their core values, something that precisely appeals to me!”, Babsi Schett-Eagle told us. 

At the end of her visit, Babsi decided to get our premium-quality softshell coat Olivia, which she even wore at the US Open in New York this August. We received some great impressions from her stay in New York - see for yourself!

Babsi Schett-Eagle in New York
Babsi Schett-Eagle in New York
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