Back to the roots – how it all began

A recap of the history of Frauenschuh.

As a family company, we like to look back on our roots, which have shaped us and strengthened our values. At the same time, the history of our company inspires us to new ideas, to visions and to the further development of our success story.

The beginnings

With a lot of effort but also with great love for the craft, Anna and Hans Frauenschuh built up their own tannery around 1950. Soon locals came to the leather manufactory to order products such as lambskin coats. “Our parents always did something contemporary and paid particular attention to quality,” explains Kaspar Frauenschuh.

Initially under the leadership of their parents, later under Kaspar and his sister Resi, the company was able to grow in Kitzbühel and to finally establish the style for which the brand is so well-known today: “sporty, elegant, casual and valuable”.

Innovative ideas and family spirit

In 1974 Kaspar joined the family business and shaped it through his uncompromising commitment to quality and his business sense, which he had received from his parents at an early age. Since Kaspar has always been passionate about fashion, he soon brought some big names to Kitzbühel, including Jil Sander, Giorgio Armani, Prada, Gucci and Dolce & Gabbana.

In 1984, the idea of high-quality, functional sportswear was born and the Frauenschuh Sportswear store was opened. In the same year Kaspar met his Andrea – “and since then we have mastered everything together”, says Kaspar. He lives for his company, but one thing is even more important to him: family. “I am very lucky with my loved ones,” he emphasizes.

The further development

The first own Frauenschuh collection followed in 1995, and in 1997 the typical fleece was launched. Due to its low material thickness, the fleece is very light but still keeps warm and is therefore still a real Frauenschuh evergreen. Some time later the company received the first Global Sport & Style Award.

Today the name Frauenschuh stands for quality, style, value and the successful fusion of tradition and innovation. Over the years, the small Kitzbühel-based manufacturer has developed into a well-known family business which reinterprets the idea of sportswear and sets new standards. We are happy to be where we are today and we look forward to the future of our success story.


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