Cashmere - in one piece and seamless

Almost forgotten cashmere techniques in our products.

Only what is made with time will be long-lasting. Frauenschuh collaborates with traditional manufacturers which preserve nearly forgotten production techniques.

The region around Perugia, Italy, is famous for its fine art of knitting. This is where our cashmere sweaters are made - by hand and in one piece, seamless and with a high stitch density. The cable pattern is extremely voluminous and light at the same time - pieces of art that only human beings are capable of creating.

The cashmere yarn from Italy has very unique wearing properties: extraordinarily light and soft, but still very strong and tear resistant. The three-thread spun yarn feels and looks as voluminous as a 12-thread one. The cord-like yarn gives a new and cool look and makes every styling something special.

In plain English: grandiose production for incredible wearing comfort.

Chashmere-Pullover Gracie