New interpretation of an old tradition

Cooked wool is a natural product, a piece of tradition and at the same time it is a fashionable fabric of high quality which has been reinvented by Frauenschuh.

Different types of wool can be used to manufacture this cooked knitwear. According to records, cooked wool as we know it today, was created by Tyrolean farmers. They understood how to benefit from the special characteristics of wool. For example, it can absorb up to 30 percent of moisture without feeling cold or wet itself. Through the process of felting, sheep’s wool gains additional weather resistance and durability.

Merino makes the difference

Frauenschuh has revolutionized this valuable technique, and uses finest, highest quality merino wool to enhance the fabric even more. This offers many advantages: Merino sheep have a dense, even and long coat. Their wool is very curly, light, elastic – and the best part: it isn’t scratchy at all. These aspects contribute to the excellent quality of Frauenschuh’s cooked wool and its particularly high wearing comfort. Moreover, ergonomic cuts ensure a perfect fit. 

As a pure natural product, cooked merino wool is also capable of regulating temperature and insulating warmth. Like at the time when the first Tyroleans produced cooked wool, this fabric nowadays still is very durable, easy to clean, crease-free and dirt-repellent because the wool fibre’s structure protects from staining.

Sometimes the past holds inspiration for the future. Sometimes tradition is the key for creating something new and wonderful.

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