Protection 3-Layer: There’s no such thing as bad weather

… as long as you have the right equipment.

With the innovative material of the so-called Protection 3-Layer, Frauenschuh has introduced a very light, elastic, breathable and at the same time waterproof fabric for the skiwear collection.

Perfectly equipped for any weather

Because it resists any weather conditions, the Protection 3-Layer makes your plans more independent from the weather. Therefore, this material is perfectly suitable for sportive use, as well as for a casual and relaxed walk through the city.

It’s all in the name

The name gives it away already: Our Protection 3-Layer consists of three layers – more precisely a technical membrane between two layers of fabric. Together these layers form an indestructible surface. And moreover, the Protection 3-Layer does exactly what is also suggested by its name: It protects from water and cold due to its ability to transport moisture and warmth very well and because of the taped seams. Clothes made of this material have an excellent comfort and are easy to clean since the fabric is machine washable.

Frauenschuh’s Protection 3-Layer turns any weather into a good weather and what is more: It turns any day into a special one.

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798,00 Euro
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