The Frauenschuh philosophy

The foundation on which our brand is built

“For our clothing, five points must always be fulfilled,” explains Kaspar Frauenschuh. Since the beginning, the company has been standing for five basic values, five guidelines that have made the name Frauenschuh so well-known. The family business has always remained true to this philosophy and therefore to itself.

Authentic design

“Our garments have an authentic, distinctive design. They possess a special signature and are easily recognizable,” describes Kaspar Frauenschuh. The characteristic Frauenschuh design can already be identified as such from the distance by its silhouette. This design is also continued in every detail that has been crafted with love. Our creations are modern and up-to-date, yet they always seek to be timeless rather than following short-lived trends.


However, fashion does not only have to meet aesthetic demands, as Kaspar Frauenschuh points out, “A piece of clothing has to work, quality and ease of care are essential.” To ensure that our clothing is particularly durable and enjoyable for many years to come, we place the highest demands on quality, comfort, care and fit. Every material and every product has exquisite quality, all textiles are produced ecologically and sustainably.


Nature conservation and resource protection matter a lot to us. “We want to avoid the unnecessary consumption of environmental resources,” says Kaspar. “In addition, we do not use any toxins and we are committed to animal welfare. This is extremely important to us, especially since we come from the leather processing industry.” Treating nature with respect is an essential aspect of the Frauenschuh philosophy.


As a family company, we focus on the people. “We want partnership at eye level – in every respect, for everyone who works for us,” explains Kaspar. “We are absolutely against cheap production, against exploitation. All participants involved in every step of the work process should be given a good livelihood.” Frauenschuh is committed to fair treatment and payment, to humanity and the appreciation of all employees.

Family business

We pass on our craftsmanship, our knowledge and our enthusiasm for fashion from one generation to the next. As a traditional company with clear values, it is also our wish to work with small, special manufactories and family businesses. “Our partners should share the same values as we do, they should be just as down-to-earth”, says Kaspar. The limited, very exclusive numbers of pieces by Frauenschuh result from the fact that everything is handmade. Quality is far more important than quantity.

By fulfilling these five principles, something of value is created. Something that can be called a “soulful product”. “When you wear such a garment on your body, it feels good and unique. You can feel the energy behind it,” concludes Kaspar Frauenschuh. The Frauenschuh philosophy not only gives the company itself, but also every piece of clothing that certain something.


Kaspar Frauenschuh
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