The mountains are calling

A collaboration with the Kitzbühel mountain guides

The Kitzbühel mountain guides and Frauenschuh have a lot in common: joy of sports, affinity for the region, awareness of nature and love for the mountains. Since Frauenschuh cares a lot about working with partners who share the same values, this collaboration already had a very good start.

“Coming together was really exciting and something completely new and valuable for both sides,” says Tom Rabl, representative of the Kitzbühel mountain guides. The results of the cooperation, however, are really impressive: Together with the mountain guides, Frauenschuh has developed a special collection for up- and downhill ski-clothing that meets the highest demands regarding functionality and comfort.

Exchange of experiences

“We stand for the following philosophy: We live in the most beautiful region and this is the place where we would like to have our partners. Frauenschuh is simply the best partner we could have wished for. And where else would you get such a great opportunity to be directly involved in the developing process?” Tom describes.

Through the regular exchange of practical experience over months and through numerous tests, the clothes were constantly improved until they finally were perfect. “The mountain guides are the ones who are out there in all weathers. That’s why they have the highest expectations regarding their clothing and they know best from their experience what it takes to be well-equipped. Frauenschuh’s three-layered material resists any weather conditions.”

Starting in January 2020, the limited collection is available in Frauenschuh’s shop. Both parties are very pleased with the outcome of the successful cooperation. To sum up, Tom Rabl has a great tip for the winter in Kitzbühel, “Instead of buying many different clothes it might be better to buy one really good piece of high quality which will last long – such as the ski pants by Frauenschuh.”