The Next Generation

Talking with Lauren and Marie-Paule Frauenschuh

We want to preserve the planet for our children. They are our highest hopes. We believe that millennials will save the world. Why? Because they are aware of the consequences of their actions. They are connected globally but never forget their roots. They abandon classic status symbols and redefine traditional values: for the new generations, functionality, sustainability and beauty belong together. May we introduce? Lauren and Marie-Paule tell us what is important to them. 

What makes you fall in love with a garment?

Marie-Paule: The garment you wear can connect you to people, it is like an image that says more than a thousand words. My favorite garment is one in which I fell completely and genuinely myself: casual with a lot of elegance.

Lauren: Comport, functionality, sustainability and a touch of funky. I want that garment I buy to underline my femininity, sensuality and delicacy but at the same time make me feel like I could rule the world in it.

Ain’t no mountain high enough… Which mountain do you want to climb?

Marie-Paule: I want to achieve something that myself as well as the people around me can be proud of. I want to explore not only the beauty of nature and culture, but also the issues of the world such as pollution and poverty. I hope this will keep me grounded and allow me to widen my awareness about global issues, so I can out other people’s needs before mine.

Lauren: I want to travel the world and experience many different cultures. I think in order to form a strong opinion on this planet and try to solve problems you have to first find out what everyone else has to say.

What’s your philosophy?

Marie-Paule: I think I’m too young to answer that question – but my parents always told me to be thankful for every reward and challenge.

Lauren: Not sure what my philosophy really is but something important I have found out recently is that it’s important to make decisions for yourself and not anyone else.


Thank you for the interview!

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