Two of a kind

Read about the connection between Frauenschuh and Heschung and
how traditional shoe manufacturing works.

For Peter Bangelmeier, export director for the French shoemaker Heschung, the connection between Frauenschuh and Heschung is very obvious: “Both companies stand for products with sustainability, products which don’t have to necessarily follow every trend and for high-quality materials – for the world’s best leather. That’s why these two labels are such a good match. Similar to Frauenschuh longevity of our products is very important to us.“ Peter points out that the shoe sole for example can be replaced after ten years to grant even more durability.

These are the same values as the ones Frauenschuh stands up for. Barbara and Simone, customers since many years, confirm: “Frauenschuh is so timeless and sustainable that our favourite pieces can still be worn and combined even after 25 years – those are real evergreens!”


Proven tradition, classy design

At Frauenschuh’s customer event Peter Bangelmeier explains Heschung’s complex manufacturing process: “Following an old tradition our shoes are welted – not many people are still capable of this technique. It was originally developed for woodwork which requires high demands regarding the footwear. Those shoes had to be very resilient and also waterproof. Our frame seam makes that possible. In addition to that the seams also receive waterproofness by diving the threads into a special wax.” But besides offering a lot of functionality Heschung shoes are also very aesthetic: “Our design gives our shoes a special city touch.”

Exclusively for Kitzbühel

As a result of the collaboration with Frauenschuh Heschung designed shoe models only for Kitzbühel: „We created a collection exclusively for Frauenschuh – with an exceptional sole which is perfect for the weather conditions in Kitzbühel with a lot of snow and ice.“

Side by side with fashion by Frauenschuh Heschung’s shoes are offered in our store. The two of them are a real dream team with the same values and high quality standards.