Frauenschuh hoods are cosy and soft on the inside, robust and weatherproof on the outside. They can be perfectly combined with our ski jackets.

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Kapuze-TOSC Kapuze-TOSC
Kapuze-TOSC Hood from Toscana- Lambskin
Euro 698.00
Kapuze HoodTed-PS - cloud - Seitenansicht Kapuze HoodTed-PS - cloud - Seitenansicht
HoodTed-PS Beltbag made of softshell
Euro 398.00
Loden Kapuze flanellgrey Vorderansicht Loden Kapuze flanellgrey Vorderansicht
KapuzeRexkanin-L Beltbag made of softshell
Euro 598.00