A good purpose

Frauenschuh has been involved in charity projects for years.

As a family company, Frauenschuh stands for solid, special values ​​and a thoughtful company philosophy that also has the well-being of others in mind. Because of that, charity is extremely important to us: To help people in critical life situations, Frauenschuh has been supporting various aid organizations for years.

Also in 2019, we were able to make a difference with our donations. For example, we supported local organizations such as the Sozialsprengel and the mountain guides in Kitzbühel. In addition, we have paid particular attention to the “Viva con Agua – Living with Water” project, in which we have been participating in order to help schools in Malawi.

Not many people are lucky enough to be able to grow up in a country like Austria, with such a richness of resources and water flowing from the tap in highest quality. We believe that with this privileged position also comes the responsibility to help those who have less.

Water for schools in Malawi

At the beginning of the project, the supply of water, sanitary facilities and hygiene was not or insufficiently provided for 700 to 1,400 pupils per school. At these schools, “Viva con Agua” has established a safe drinking water supply, toilets, hand washing stations and changing rooms for women and girls in order to ensure undisturbed hygienic care. Moreover, the drinking fountains serve not only as a source of drinking water for the schools but also for the surrounding communities.

In 2019, the donations were also used to repair outdated or broken fountains and toilets in order to make them usable again. This project has reached around 10,000 pupils at ten schools.

Sharing makes a difference

How much has already been achieved through the project can be seen by its impressive numbers: Because of “Viva con Agua”, in the past 15 years over three million people have received access to clean drinking water for the first time in their lives.

In the future, Frauenschuh will continue to support charity projects, because sharing makes the world a better place – at least piece by piece.

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