Art translated into fashion

About the collection by Zoë Kronberger and Lauren Frauenschuh.

It is in the nature of things that the fusion of art and fashion can create something unique and innovative. When in addition to that, two creative, strong women like Zoë Kronberger and Lauren Frauenschuh team up to realize their visions, brilliant results are simply inevitable.

The result

“To be honest, before presenting the new knit collection to our customers I was a little bit nervous,” says Lauren Frauenschuh. “But now I’m more than happy! The collection was very well received by them; they liked the story behind it and the artistic result.” Zoë Kronberger agrees, “Exactly, we wanted to create modern classicism and that’s what we did. Our work is timeless.”

As Frauenschuh customers Monika Perrotti and Dorith Habermann confirm, the result of the collaboration is really excellent. “The new knit collection by Lauren and Zoë is so great and refreshing.” Jakob Frauenschuh is also thrilled and praises his sister, “I’m so proud of Lauren. She does everything with incredible passion. It is great to see her doing what she lives for and how well this is received by the customers.”

An anecdote

On this occasion, Jakob tells a nice, little anecdote about the artist Zoë Kronberger that really impressed him. “On a car trip she simply sketched the Wilder Kaiser and explained to me what the difference between photography and painting is: In a photo, the whole mountain would be captured while a painting captures only its essence, for example the silhouette.”

About the cooperation

With a smile, Zoë Kronberger explains, “Working with Lauren is fantastic and very exciting. It was always so easy and natural to communicate; our different age didn’t matter once. I always see what could happen and she is understanding my work, sees the technical side and does the translation.” – “The collaboration with Zoë is very enriching and inspiring for me,” Lauren Frauenschuh describes enthusiastically.

We are already looking forward to their next artistic creations and to all future results of their wonderful cooperation.


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