Hahnenkamm Race: A legend turns 80

Frauenschuh about the big Hahnenkamm anniversary in 2020.

Every year it is a sporting highlight, every year it is THE top-class ski race that attracts thousands of fans who come to Kitzbühel to cheer their ski heroes and to experience the adrenaline rush really close: The Hahnenkamm Race is considered the most famous, spectacular and challenging downhill race in the world. The Frauenschuh team also excitedly follows the event every year.

The numbers

The race weekend is just around the corner, from January 24 to 26 all sports-loving eyes will be on Kitzbühel. Since 1931, Kitzbühel has held the Hahnenkamm Races with its alpine disciplines of downhill, slalom and combination. The legendary downhill race, the major attraction on Saturday, is held on the famous Streif. With steep passages of up to 85 percent gradient, top speeds of 140 km/h and 80-meter jumps, the Streif brings even experienced skiers to their limits. Last year, 85,000 viewers watched the thrilling race from the finish area, and millions of viewers from all over the world watched it on their screens.

Electrifying moments

The finish area is a unique natural arena which not only offers an excellent view of the racetrack but also fascinates the audience with its atmosphere. When tens of thousands look up to the mountain where the athlete will arrive any second and when suddenly a huge cheer goes through the crowd – those are purely electrifying moments.

Of course, the big race is also watched with excitement in the Frauenschuh store in Kitzbühel which, located on the Hahnenkammstraße, is very close to the action. And needless to say, at the time of the race the whole house is filled with excitement and joy. As a family company from Kitzbühel, the enthusiasm for the Hahnenkamm Race is simply in our blood.

A race that connects

Every year, the award ceremony with fireworks on Saturday sets another sparkling highlight to the sporting event before the city turns into one big victory celebration – regardless of who has won. On the race weekend, the enthusiasm and the special atmosphere throughout Kitzbühel are contagious and really no one is left unmoved. No matter whether locals or international visitors, whether interested in sports or not: The Hahnenkamm Races and the accompanying flair connect everyone and unite fans across the nations.

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