Having time, taking time

How we see our materials

Lambskin and buckskin are natural materials which have been turned into garments in our country for generations and of which we of Frauenschuh can proudly say: We have a grip on them. This can be taken literally because every leather feels different to the touch. That also applies to every merino wool fibre and every cashmere yarn – just try on a cashmere sweater from Frauenschuh and you will be surprised by the feeling of waring it.


For us craftsmanship begins with the search for the highest quality. This also includes that we only utilize leather from farm animals which are kept in a species-appropriate manner and that we avoid the use of fur at all times.

What we also do without is a hectic rush. We take our time and grant this to others too. Only this allows – as we believe – timeless fashion design to succeed, a design namely which is no longer subject to trends. This is the only way to create jackets, coats and trousers which promise a long lifetime and ideally become more and more beautiful from year to year.

Because they don’t age, they mature. That’s our promise!

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Damen Lammfellmantel-Elsa-LL-elefant Vorderansicht Damen Lammfellmantel-Elsa-LL-elefant Vorderansicht Damen Lammfellmantel-Elsa-LL-elefant Vorderansicht Elsa-LL
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