Responsibility in fashion

About Frauenschuh’s counter-concept to “fast fashion”.

It is a topic that concerns all of us, a topic that is characteristic for the fast-paced nature of our society: mass consumption and the problems associated with it, in particular what it does to the environment. Frauenschuh stands up against these tendencies and focuses on sustainable, durable and high-quality clothing.  

“Eight billion pieces of clothing. That’s how much is currently stored in Austrian wardrobes,” says Kaspar Frauenschuh. “Only an eighth of that would be enough to get by. The rest is actually hazardous waste and therefore a great burden on the environment. Today we live in a throwaway society: produce at a low-cost level, buy cheaply, throw it away shortly afterwards. Frauenschuh wants to encourage rethinking.” 

Fast fashion: A vicious circle that needs to be broken

The fashion industry is submitting itself more and more to short-lived, constantly changing trends. The aim is to keep production rates high and costs low. Naturally, the conditions under which such cheap clothing is mass-produced are often poor: Toxic chemicals in dyes and fabrics affect the health of those who have to handle them. In addition, the environment is polluted and this impairs the water supply, which is already low in many production countries.

Finally, these polluted garments reach the end customer, who buys them cheaply, wears them a few times and soon throws them away again – because they have gone out of fashion quickly or are already broken due to their poor quality. This buying behavior should be reconsidered urgently.

Conscious fashion: Sustainability lasts the longest

The Frauenschuh philosophy and the timeless style are a clear alternative concept to the problematic “fast fashion”. We are aware of how much responsibility the fashion industry has, and would like to take it with great care: We feel responsible towards the environment, towards our employees and our customers. At Frauenschuh, we pay attention to the shortest possible delivery routes and we value traditional handwork, high-quality, ecologically produced materials, limited number of pieces and regional oriented production.

Fashion should go hand in hand with sustainability – we want to raise awareness for this. Long-lasting, sustainable clothing can not only be enjoyed for many years to come, but is also good for people and the environment.


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