The kitchen fairy

Christine Windhaber gives insights into the culinary art at Frauenschuh.

For us, quality has top priority and the same goes for our cuisine: For over eight years Christine Windhaber has been creating fresh, healthy and tasty meals for our employees and business partners.

Christine always pays attention to individual requests so that every wish can be fulfilled. She gladly varies her two daily changing menus according to different preferences or possible allergies. “We have a wide range of side dishes and seasonal, fresh vegetables that I buy regionally every day,” explains Christine.

Fit for work

Healthy nutrition keeps you fit and provides enough power for the rest of the day – that is Christine’s motto. The quality of the meals is very important to Christine. “High-quality ingredients are the key to a great taste. There is no need to add flavor enhancers, just a bit of salt, pepper and good spices already do the trick.”

Speaking of spices: As a creative chef, Christine loves to be inspired by international dishes and she is particularly fond of the Indian cuisine. In order to create authentic Indian meals, she has brought some of the best spices from her last trip to India.

Moreover Christine always brings other delicacies – such as nuts, plums and apples – from her own farm in Styria. She uses these ingredients for her legendary cakes made with spelt and whole cane sugar. Of course everything is untreated and organic. “You can tell the difference,” says Christine.

Bringing people together

Christine has turned her passion into a profession and she always hears a lot of well-deserved praise for her cuisine: “It is not taken for granted to receive such high-quality meals at the workplace which is why it is highly appreciated by the employees. Also the business partners love our meals: They often want to have an appointment at lunchtime so that they can eat with us. That’s a very nice compliment for my work.”

What Christine loves the most, however, is bringing people together during the meal. “When everyone sits together, it feels like being a big family,” she says. Of course everybody enjoys this feeling, especially when our kitchen fairy Christine shares her wonderful culinary skills.