Spring / Summer 2019

The new Frauenschuh collection translates the lightness of summer into a new style and new materials. Jogger trousers and cardigans, leather blousons and shorts, sportswear elements and tradition play mix and match. The summer mindset of the new Frauenschuh generation: be prepared for any weather, every encounter and every spontaneous trip.

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Legging-Dolores-NP-black-Vorderansicht Legging-Dolores-NP-black-Vorderansicht Dolores-NP
Euro 239.00
Blouson-Bomberjacke-cloud-Vorderansicht Blouson-Bomberjacke-cloud-Vorderansicht BibiMulti-QS
Euro 379.00
Ärmellose Steppweste - Lindsey-QS -blackVorderansicht Ärmellose Steppweste - Lindsey-QS -blackVorderansicht LindseyMulti-QS
Euro 379.00
Steppmantel - DianeMulti-QS - black - Vorderansicht Steppmantel - DianeMulti-QS - black - Vorderansicht DianaMulti-QS
Euro 439.00
Quilt-Weste-Josie-QS-pineapple-Vorderansicht Quilt-Weste-Josie-QS-pineapple-Vorderansicht Josie-QS
Euro 198.00
Schöllermantel-Olivia-S-bast-Vorderansicht Schöllermantel-Olivia-S-bast-Vorderansicht Olivia-S
Euro 698.00
Softshellparka Pamela - S midnight V Softshellparka Pamela - S midnight V Pamela-S
Euro 798.00
Fleecejacke - Alice-MF-cloud- Vorderansicht Fleecejacke - Alice-MF-cloud- Vorderansicht Alice-MF
Euro 198.00
Fleece Sweater Bella-MF - cloud - Vorderansicht Fleece Sweater Bella-MF - cloud - Vorderansicht Bella-MF
Euro 198.00
Ally-MF Ally-MF Ally-MF
Euro 189.00
Top aus Cashmere-Rosella-WWS-taupe-Vorderansicht Top aus Cashmere-Rosella-WWS-taupe-Vorderansicht Rosella-WSS
Euro 398.00
Rolli-Fabia-WSS-blush-Vorderansicht Rolli-Fabia-WSS-blush-Vorderansicht Fabia-WSS
Euro 598.00
2 From 6