Spring / Summer 2019

The new Frauenschuh collection translates the lightness of summer into a new style and new materials. Jogger trousers and cardigans, leather blousons and shorts, sportswear elements and tradition play mix and match. The summer mindset of the new Frauenschuh generation: be prepared for any weather, every encounter and every spontaneous trip.

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CosmaCable - JC CosmaCable - JC CosmaCable - JC
Euro 549.00
Eco Lammleder Rock-flintstone-Vorderansicht Eco Lammleder Rock-flintstone-Vorderansicht Milly-EL
Euro 749.00
Damen Walkjacke Avery-CW- midnight - Vorderansicht Damen Walkjacke Avery-CW- midnight - Vorderansicht Avery-CW
Euro 398.00
Daphne-WP Daphne-WP Daphne-WP
Euro 198.00
Schöllermantel-Olivia-S-bamazon-Vorderansicht Schöllermantel-Olivia-S-bamazon-Vorderansicht Olivia-S
Euro 698.00
sportliche Jet Skihose Kalistamulti-S black v sportliche Jet Skihose Kalistamulti-S black v Kalista Multi-S
Euro 598.00
Damen Skihose - Christie-S-silver-Vorderansicht Damen Skihose - Christie-S-silver-Vorderansicht Christie-S
Euro 598.00
Daria-PS Daria-PS Daria-PS
Euro 898.00
Gwen Multi-PS Gwen Multi-PS Gwen Multi-PS
Euro 1,198.00
Lammfellmantel - Lisa_LL elefant-Vorderansicht Lammfellmantel - Lisa_LL elefant-Vorderansicht Lisa-LL
Euro 3,998.00
Fliegerjacke aus Lammfell Vorderansicht Fliegerjacke aus Lammfell Vorderansicht Fenja - LLC
Euro 2,798.00
6 From 6