The Activewear by Frauenschuh is limited, individual, functional and simply beautiful. 
We rely on our exclusivity - the opposite of mass production.
You do not have to adapt garments of Frauenschuh because they adapt to the body and are made with great care.
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Daphne-WP Daphne-WP Daphne-WP
Euro 198.00
Daphne-WP Daphne-WP Daphne-WP
Euro 198.00
Top aus Cashmere-Rosella-WWS-taupe-Vorderansicht Top aus Cashmere-Rosella-WWS-taupe-Vorderansicht Rosella-WSS
Euro 398.00
Hoddy-Teres-WS-taupe-Vorderansicht Hoddy-Teres-WS-taupe-Vorderansicht Teres-WS
Euro 698.00
Rolli-Fabia-WSS-blush-Vorderansicht Rolli-Fabia-WSS-blush-Vorderansicht Fabia-WSS
Euro 598.00
Quilt-Weste-Josie-QS-pineapple-Vorderansicht Quilt-Weste-Josie-QS-pineapple-Vorderansicht Josie-QS
Euro 198.00
Legging-Dolores-NP-black-Vorderansicht Legging-Dolores-NP-black-Vorderansicht Dolores-NP
Euro 239.00
Ärmellose Steppweste - Lindsey-QS -blackVorderansicht Ärmellose Steppweste - Lindsey-QS -blackVorderansicht LindseyMulti-QS
Euro 379.00
Blouson-Bomberjacke-cloud-Vorderansicht Blouson-Bomberjacke-cloud-Vorderansicht BibiMulti-QS
Euro 379.00
Locker geschnittenes Top-Sonja-NP-turaeg-Vorderansicht Locker geschnittenes Top-Sonja-NP-turaeg-Vorderansicht Sonja-NP
Euro 159.00
Joggingjacke NadjaMulti-CS black Vorderansicht Joggingjacke NadjaMulti-CS black Vorderansicht NadiaMulti-CS
Euro 298.00
Sweater-Rungin-CS-midnight-Vorderansicht Sweater-Rungin-CS-midnight-Vorderansicht Rubin-CS
Euro 198.00
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