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n our ideas, we focus on consistency: good design is not fast paced. It is characterized by the fact that it outlasts trends. 
That's why Frauenschuh is modern but never fashionable. That's exactly how our jackets and coats are.
Here you will find a wide selection of transitional jackets, casual jackets and sporty jackets.
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Blouson-Bomberjacke-cloud-Vorderansicht Blouson-Bomberjacke-cloud-Vorderansicht BibiMulti-QS
Euro 379.00
Ärmellose Steppweste - Lindsey-QS -blackVorderansicht Ärmellose Steppweste - Lindsey-QS -blackVorderansicht LindseyMulti-QS
Euro 379.00

The idea behind the Frauenschuh collection is actually quite simple: top-quality luxury sport style fashion made in Austria. Best materials, best cuts, best handcrafting, strong statement.

The typical Frauenschuh style: simple but high-quality, modern but lasting, great attention to detail but casual – just timeless. Not everyone can do that.

Steppmantel - DianeMulti-QS - black - Vorderansicht Steppmantel - DianeMulti-QS - black - Vorderansicht DianaMulti-QS
Euro 439.00
Softshellparka Pamela - S midnight V Softshellparka Pamela - S midnight V Pamela-S
Euro 798.00
Schöllermantel-Olivia-S-bast-Vorderansicht Schöllermantel-Olivia-S-bast-Vorderansicht Olivia-S
Euro 698.00
Schöllermantel-Olivia-S-bamazon-Vorderansicht Schöllermantel-Olivia-S-bamazon-Vorderansicht Olivia-S
Euro 698.00
Steppmantel - Marinamulti-QS- black - Vorderansicht Steppmantel - Marinamulti-QS- black - Vorderansicht MarinaMulti-QS
Euro 398.00
Steppjacke Mirjam midnight - V Steppjacke Mirjam midnight - V MirjamMulti-QS
Euro 349.00
Sportjacke - Vera-WP- black-Vorderansicht Sportjacke - Vera-WP- black-Vorderansicht Vera - WP
Euro 269.00