Here you will find a wide selection of different women's slipper sweaters. High-quality materials such as cotton, microfleece and powerstretch make the sweaters all-rounders 
and always look top-notch
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Tedy Fleece Sweater elefant - Vorderansicht Tedy Fleece Sweater elefant - Vorderansicht Kaia - TED
Euro 359.00
Teddyfleecejacke - cloud- Vorderansicht Teddyfleecejacke - cloud- Vorderansicht Alek-TED
Euro 449.00
Joggingjacke NadjaMulti-CS black Vorderansicht Joggingjacke NadjaMulti-CS black Vorderansicht NadiaMulti-CS
Euro 298.00
Sweater-Rungin-CS-midnight-Vorderansicht Sweater-Rungin-CS-midnight-Vorderansicht Rubin-CS
Euro 198.00
Sweater mit Dreiviertelärmeln-MaiaMulti-CS-black/color-Vorderansicht Sweater mit Dreiviertelärmeln-MaiaMulti-CS-black/color-Vorderansicht MaiaMulti-CS
Euro 198.00