Ski Pants for women

Sporty, modern, feminine and functional: our ski pants for women are the perfect companion for cold days of skiing. Whether on the slopes or on a leisurely winter walk, in a pair of Frauenschuh ski pants you will always make a great figure.

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Kadira-SL Kadira-SL Kadira-SL
Euro 398.00
Damen Lodenskihose Flanellgrau Vorderansicht Damen Lodenskihose Flanellgrau Vorderansicht Issy-L
Euro 398.00

Issy-S Issy-S Issy-S
Euro 398.00
XBockerMulti-LG XBockerMulti-LG XBockerMulti-LG
Euro 598.00
Women slippers for skiing white V Women slippers for skiing white V Kadira-S
Euro 398.00
XBocker-S XBocker-S XBocker-S
Euro 498.00
Sierra-S Sierra-S Sierra-S
Euro 998.00
Skihose mit Steg - black- Modell Vorderanssicht Skihose mit Steg - black- Modell Vorderanssicht KaliMulti-S
Euro 398.00
KalistaMulti-S KalistaMulti-S KalistaMulti-S
Euro 498.00
Skihose Aurelie-PL - black - Vorderseite Skihose Aurelie-PL - black - Vorderseite Aurelie-PL
Euro 798.00
Damen Skihose - Christie-S-midnight Vorderansicht Damen Skihose - Christie-S-midnight Vorderansicht Christie-S
Euro 598.00
Skioverall - GwenMulti-PS - midnight - Vorderansicht Skioverall - GwenMulti-PS - midnight - Vorderansicht GwenMulti-PS
Euro 1,198.00

A great fit and functional materials make our snow pants for women the perfect choice for minus temperatures on the slopes.